Automatic resistance alerts

When the concrete reaches the strength that you need to verify (demoulding, removing, curing, or post-tensioning) you receive email or cell phone notifications indicating the slab that has reached strength, the time it took, date and time of pouring, etc. All this allows you to focus on the most important tasks, and you can speed up your performance at the right time without waiting to free up manpower to collect or process this type of information!

Vespucio Building
Resistance Monitoring Service

Reported that on 20 Jan, 15:00 hrs, the concrete of the Cycle 3 – Floor 10 sector reached a strength of 18.75 MPa, equivalent to the debonding threshold. Strength was achieved 3 days 0 hrs, 46 min after concreting.

Monitoring for all the types of concrete you need

Obralink allows you to load all the maturity curves you require, therefore letting you monitor several different concretes at the same time.